Plumber repairing water meter

Matt Moody, the owner and one of the licensed, bonded and insured Plumbers of Moody Plumbing Co. is a 2nd generation plumber with over 19 years of hands on experience. Learning the plumbing business from his father, uncle and cousins then moving on to other private sector plumbing companies, small and large. These many years of challenges trained a top notch plumber who in 2011 started his own plumbing company.

All employees of Moody Plumbing Co are licensed by the Alabama Plumbers Board, and are licensed apprentive and journeyman plumbers. Clean, Confident and Courteous. All employees are vigorously screened and expectations are kept high at all times.

Matt and his wife run the entire back end of the business and Matt excels with Quality Control and making sure all jobs are completed with the utmost professionalism.

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